I earned the new EDU100Bar

  • Published December 27th, 2017 by D. john McCarthy

NEW EDU100 Bar Now Being Awarded

Every so often, PPA realizes its exemplary members need to be recognized in ways that they haven't yet been. With that being said, the Board of Directors has created a new accolade that honors PPA members who give back to the industry through teaching. 
The new EDU100 bar will be awarded for every 100 speaking merits a member has earned. The first round of recipients is being notified and awarded December 2017. 
Since 1937, PPA's Merit & Degree program has provided its members with a path to earning a PPA degree that vets, recognizes and celebrates their achievements in the profession. Merits are the points-system used by PPA that adds up to getting one's photographic degree. Each degree requires 25 merits that are obtained through exhibition, competition, speaking, and service, and each degree requires a different combination of merits. 
The Merit & Degree program is an exclusive PPA member benefit, so click here to learn more about earning your degree. Ready to get started but you're not a member? Join PPA Now!

2017 Christmas Cards

  • Published October 6th, 2017 by D. john McCarthy




Call 413-596-8752 or email djohnmccarthy@mac.com to make an appointment for your  Chrsitmas and Holiday Cards

  • 6x7 1/2" Photo Greeting Cards
  • Includes 4 2018 Calendar Cards
  • Printed on archival photographic paper
  • Envelopes Included
  • Photo Session Included
  • Only $29.95
  • Addioanl cards available for $9.95 in sets of 25 including an addtional calendar
  • Other size photographs available





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I Passed

  • Published August 29th, 2016 by D. john McCarthy


I passed. I was the first one to take the Airman Knowledge Test for Unmanned Aircraft - General (UAG) in Northampton MA today and I passed. Now I can apply for my Remote Pilot Certificate.


After I get my cetificate I'll begin offering aerial photography services. I'll let you all know.